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Making a will is the single most important thing you can do.

Make sure your money and possessions go to the people or organisations you care about after you die.

Surprisingly, nearly seven out of ten people still haven’t got around to making one!

Life can take us on a journey of unexpected twists and turns. That’s why it is important to plan ahead now so that you and your family can feel safe and supported later in life. We have a dedicated team ready and waiting to:

Advise you on writing a will.

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Advise you on ways to minimise your estate’s liability for inheritance tax.

What is the process?

Advise you on dealing with the estate of someone who has died.


Reasons to make a will:

Your wishes won’t be followed without one. For example, your husband or wife may not automatically inherit all of your money and possessions.

To help you understand the processes involved with our wills & probate legal services, we can lead you thorugh a typical scenario using our PDF smart guides. To get an idea of what's involved, simply click the icons below.

If you are not married your partner is not automatically entitled to your estate and could be left homeless with nothing. This can also cause immediate problems and stresses over funeral and other expenses.

A will enables you to make clear, ahead of time, what should happen to your children and pets after your death.

A will allows you to make gifts – money or possessions - to people and / or organisations close to your heart.

You can often make tax savings by having a will.

To make clear your wishes for your funeral and other arrangements after death.

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We’re committed to making quality legal advice a resource everyone can access. We believe in providing Real life support - offering you advice and guidance whatever stage of life you are going through.

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